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Owners Bio and Pioneer Jewelers History

Jack and I moved to Fairbanks, Alaska as young children and made Alaska our home until just recently.

We began our retail careers in 1975 in a small shop called Mt. Juneau Trading Post, located on the Juneau waterfront. In those days, the cruise ships were small and the arrivals infrequent.  No one imagined what the industry would become.

During the early years, Jack made jewelry utilizing the natural gold nuggets from the mining regions of Alaska and the Yukon. The store also specialized in traditional Native handcrafts from all over Alaska.  Fine jewelry and gifts were added as time went by.

In the early 80’s Mt Juneau Trading Post moved to the historic Seward Building, in the heart of downtown Juneau.  With the expanded space available, the jewelry store Dockside Jewelers and the Gallery of the North were opened.  We were able to accommodate far more gift and jewelry collections as well as represent some of Alaska’s finest artists in the Gallery.

Twenty some years later, we had the opportunity to build a new building a bit further south on Franklin street, and our final store, Pioneer Jewelers, opened.  This store is located at the very center of the busy tourist and visitor hub. Multiple ships now dock daily and the activity is exciting.

All things come to an end, however, and the decision was made to close the store and pursue the slower pace of retirement.  So, gone are the fascinating days of greeting our local friends and visitors from around the world.  However, Pioneer Jewelers still exists as an online shopping source for many of the same products that were available in the physical store.  We have a smaller focus, as one would expect, but very nice collections are available. Enjoy looking around our site and we hope that you find something interesting.  Email if you have questions or comments.