Founded in 1975, Kabana was born from a profound love of fine jewelry and supurb craftsmanship. Only the most skilled and talented jewelers are qualified to inlay a Kabana piece. Many of these craftsmen and artisans have dedicated their lives to creating Kabana Jewelry. Each gemstone inlay is sculpted by hand to fit perfectly into its channel, and is then meticulously hand polished to a gleaming seamless finish. The solid inlay creates a gemstone that rises above the gold, forming a softly contoured dome. This inlay creates Kabana’s signature look that is unmistakable. Kabana is one of very few jewelry designers and manufacturers whose creations are made entirely in the USA. From sketch to the final inspection, every piece of Kabana jewelry is made in New Mexico, USA. This uncompromising attention to detail throughout the entire creative process results in stunning items of personal adornment that bring pleasure to the wearer as well as maintaining value.

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