Gold nugget jewelry

The precious metal “Gold” has excited humans since the earliest dawn of time. The first gold found occurred naturally on the surface of the earth or as nuggets in rivers and streams. The exquisite color and supurb workability made Gold highly sought after for decorative items and ancient jewelry. Gold also formed the basis of many monetary systems. In early times, gold symbolized wealth, power and strength. The reasons for valuing Gold have not changed a great deal.
Natural Gold nuggets have become even rarer since almost all gold nuggets found prior to 1990 have been melted. Until recently, gold nuggets themselves held no intrinsic value and were assayed strictly for gold value. Fortunately, now the appreciation of the rarity and uniqueness of natural Gold have caused Gold nuggets to be treasured in their natural form for fine jewelry and for collections.

Gold, in its pure state, is so soft that it is normally mixed with another metal before being used in jewelry. Gold is normally alloyed with silver or copper to make a stronger mix of metals. The percentage of pure gold in the alloy is stated in karats, abbreviated as Kt or K. Pure gold is stated as 24kt, 18kt gold is 75% gold, 14kt gold is 58% gold and so on.

Pink or rose gold is an alloy of yellow gold and copper, while White Gold is alloyed with Nickle, Zinc, Palladium or Platinum.

The karat value, or fineness of the gold remains the same as with yellow gold, as just the color differs because of the other metals used for the alloys.

So, enjoy Gold, whether in a piece of jewelry, coins, or as a natural gold nugget or gold quartz specimen.

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