Gold Nugget Men's Ring #1


This gent’s ring is fashioned of 14kt gold, set with a natural Black Star Sapphire showing multiple stars, and accented with natural gold nuggets. This ring is a heavy weight piece of jewelry, with a solid heavy shank. This is a ring a man can be proud to wear. The ring is currently a size 10. Sizing this ring is possible.

Price: $1,246.00
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"Catch him quick, as this slender frog makes a bold dive into the pond!" -Tim

7" x 3.5" x 3.75"

Price: $475.00
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Pond Pals


"I like to think of frogs as being playful and ready to have a bit of fun... so I sculpted this playful frog eagerly reaching out to meet one of his "pond pals", the snail." -Tim

Price: $700.00
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