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Karibu! A Swahili word of welcome to the exciting world of the Tanzanite. This African treasure is probably the rarest of gemstones, occurring exclusively in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania.

Maasai herders discovered the gem in the summer of 1967 near the town of Arusha. After rejection by local gem dealers the gems eventually came to the attention of the New York jewelry legend, Tiffany and Co. In 1968 Tiffany and Co. introduced the gem to the world, naming it "Tanzanite" in honor of the African country of its birth.

This rare and exciting form of the mineral zoisite is the gem known as Tanzanite. The mesmerizing blue violet color is based, in part, on trichroism, or the three color axes within the stone. Depending on the method of cutting and the light source the gem will "color shift" from a deep cobalt blue to a sultry violet blue with flashes of red. Tanzanite is placed at 6 to 6.5 on the hardness scale. The gem should be treated as one would treat any fine gemstone, worn with pride and care. Only jewelers familiar with the requirements of Tanzanite should undertake cleaning and repairs on jewelry.

As a final tribute to the wide public appreciation for Tanzanite, the American Gem Trade Association added the gem to the Official Birthstone List as a new December Birthstone. This is the first time this list has been revised since 1912.

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