Mt St Helens Helenite (Obsidionite)

This brilliant green stone is created using the volcanic ash and rock dust resulting from the eruption of Mt St Helens on May 18, 1980.  

The force of this eruption blew thirteen hundred feet of earth from the top of the mountain, sending a cloud of ash more than 60,000 feet into the air, leaving a mile wide crater behind.

The Mount St Helen’s eruption was one of the most deadly and costly eruptions recorded to date.

Helenite was discovered accidently when workers using acetylene torches to salvage destroyed equipment discovered that the rock dust  was melting and forming greenish shiny substance.  The volcanic rock, with heavy concentrations of silica, aluminum and iron with traces of chromium and copper was melting into a form of obsidionite.  It did not take long to bring this to a point where the material was being created in a laboratory under sterile conditions and extremely high temperatures. The brilliant green material is then cut and faceted by skilled craftsmen. 

The Emerald colored stone has excellent sparkle and fair durability. The brilliant green color is the most recognized and appreciated of the possible color variations possible. Through adding other trace minerals the color can be produced in a Swiss Blue color that is also very attractive. We have chosen to limit our selection to the original Green hues and the Swiss Blue upon request.

The Helenite stones are set in .925 silver.  Accent stones are cubic zirconia. Helenite jewelry requires simple and regular care to assure its lasting beauty and to retain the perfect fit of the stones. Clean your jewelry with lukewarm soapy water, using a very gentle brush and dry it with a soft cloth. Please do not use ultrasonic cleaners or chemicals. We suggest that you remove your jewelry before any intense physical activity. It is preferable that you apply cosmetics befoe putting on your jewelry.