Once a rare and treasured color, indigo captivated civilizations for thousands of years. Tim's latest sculpture captures this luxurious color with an electrifying new patina. Indigo's charming details and vibrant color will make any collector swoon for this adorable new release.

Price: $330.00
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Clover is sure to bring you good luck! With a beautiful new green patina that shimmers with hints of blue, this sculpture is complimented with a striking dark belly.

Price: $560.00
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Head over Heels


Fall Head Over Heels in love with Tim's Valentine's Day release! A ruby red suitor tries his best to impress his Valentine.

Price: $380.00
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Blushing Valentino springs into the air to embrace his awaiting sweetheart. This stunning new patina combination is complimented with a polished bronze detail.

Price: $490.00
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"Romance is in the air. 'Juliet' nestles under Romeo's arm, raising her cheek towards Romeo's affection. Juliet's patina, in textured red and orange hues, compliments the distinctive Romeo red patina. Romeo and Juliet are a delightful pair!" -Tim

Price: $460.00
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Hide and Seek


"I can always count on seeing the frogs in my pond climb, reach and leap for their lunch. They are fascinating to watch, as they watch me as well." -Tim

Price: $750.00
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"All British lads were thrilled to see the early films featuring the masked hero, Zorro. We imitated his sword fighting skills and derring-do during our carefree ventures in the woods surrounding the small town where I grew up." -Tim

Price: $450.00
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"Tag is a playful youngster, more intrigued by the movement of the unsuspecting ladybug than he is in a quick snack!" -Tim

1" x 8" x 6.5"

Price: $500.00
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Fat Boy


"Not much wasted motion here. 'Fat Boy' sits heavily in the wet mud, taking in all the sights and sounds. If a tasty insect flies by though, his tongue is sure to lash out in a lightning-quick strike." -Tim

5" x 5.5" x 4.5"

Price: $500.00
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Gold Nugget Men's Ring #1


This gent’s ring is fashioned of 14kt gold, set with a natural Black Star Sapphire showing multiple stars, and accented with natural gold nuggets. This ring is a heavy weight piece of jewelry, with a solid heavy shank. This is a ring a man can be proud to wear. The ring is currently a size 10. Sizing this ring is possible.

Price: $1,246.00
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